A Sign Company Comment
   The Auger Drilling Division of Thompson Brothers
Drilling was established following the acquisition by
the Company of two Texoma 800 Auger Drill Rigs in
order that it could respond to the demand for large
borehole applications. With a drilling diameter of 12
feet and a depth of 95 feet, this unique piece of
equipment has applications outside of the traditional
oil and gas industry.
"The 108 inch by 25 foot deep borehole, from start to
finish, was completed in a professional manner. Your
crew showed up on time and performed there job well.
The owner was also well satisfied”
MS Installation
Department, Headrick Sign Company
Sampling of Applications
The Texoma 800 Auger Drill Rig Begins Drilling A Hole
A 108 inch diameter borehole drilled by the Texoma 800
Auger Drill Rig
  • Billboard Sign Foundation

  • Environmental Monitoring Wells

  • Boreholes For Foundation Caissons

  • Bridge Foundations
Thompson Brothers Drilling Auger Division offers state of the art drilling rigs with drills for borehole, oil and gas well construction, sign and bridge
foundations and environmental monitoring wells. Located in Mississippi (MS) we service the Southeaster US Region.
Call: (601) 425-0970